We are off; Epic Roadtrip with my little man

​Pre-Pandemic, this trip was in the works as a solo “find myself, whoa is me, my career is over, now what” trip.

MK, one of my former co-workers, was also “dislocated” from her radio position. She had decided to head west and live with her college best friend in San Diego. My mom is out there and needs me, so I figured it was a no-brainer. I would help her, and I would figure out my shit! My brother was going to Coachella, and I grabbed tickets to that. I planned a podcast journey to find my sister, who was missing at the time, and I would find myself along this crazy journey.

Covid-19 said, nahhhhh, stay at home and deal with yourself!

It was a mentally twisty year. Losing my job, losing my mind, losing friends, and not seeing family- It was traumatic, to say the least. I wasn’t alone in this mental shift of the entire globe, so that was comforting. I managed to stay alive and not lose any close family members to Corona, so I am grateful for that.

I still hadn’t solved my job issue and put all of my eggs in a broken basket, so I had to tie up my laces once again and plan my new life strategy.

Lemonadio was born, and in a few short months, has managed to make a mark locally.

We helped showcase small businesses during the pandemic.

I gave them social media and radio advertising. We visited their places and live remotes to show how amazing they were handling life and work during these tumultuous times.

I started working with Cape Cod Community College and Lisa Z. We brainstormed a way to get WKKL back on the air and the students working on the air remotely because the studios are closed.

I have had a College student from 4 C’s or Massasoit’s radio program host the morning show with me live on Thursday Morning on Lemonadio so they can get a feel of what it is like to put on a show.

I was accepted and started a business accelerator with EforAll to learn how to grow and manage every aspect of running a business, something I have never done.

So when MK asked me a year later, are we still on for this trip?

I said YES.

I am insane to be juggling all of this, but I am succeeding.

Coti had been one week off and one week on for school, and we had plans to go to my mother’s condo in Florida the week before this road trip.

I figured if he had quarantine anyway, he might as well come along for the ride and spend some quality time with me, see the states, and get a natural life history and social studies project under his belt.

We document this whole experience in a podcast, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

On the road with my boy, “Experience Coti and Stephanie.”