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School Vacation Connection

Love it or hate it, when school vacation is here, the house gets upturned. Some get to go on vacation, and others have to work while the kids are underfoot (granted, mine are now teens, so they don’t get underfoot until around noon), making it a…

Tree is Up-Making Memories

I am feeling festive- No presents purchased! It is wild to me that I have my tree up and decorated, the stockings are up, and I don’t care about getting gifts. I only have a few to purchase for my extended family and a couple of friends—the…

Birthday Club

The month of December starts tomorrow, and not only is there the holiday dread that I wholeheartedly try to embrace- it’s also my birth month! Within my friend group, we have a pile of December birthdays, so we try our best to gather one day and…

My Need for Multiple Destinations

My need for Multiple Destinations It’s never just one thing. When I plan something, I must extract the maximum amount out of it. Time, places, proximity, abundance- I use all of the space, take all the opportunities, and I’ve been in the habit…

“Mom- Your TikToks are weird.”

“Mom- Your TikToks are weird.” I need to learn how to do it. I refuse to be one of those people that gets to a certain age and makes the statement that I am too old to learn. I recently talked to my husband about a mutual client we both have for…

Family Fun in Sandwich

We shot right into summer this weekend with temperatures hitting 80 and humidity, and I was ready for it. My mother and brother flew in from California to help me get my house ready. Host many friends and family coming in for my daughter’s sweet 16…