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Go Kenzie Go

Hold onto your hats, folks, because my daughter, Kenzie, has officially landed in California – and let me tell you, the Golden State doesn’t know what’s hit it! Let’s quickly rewind to April 2023, when Kenzie returned home, a bit like a…

Moving Mountains

There comes a point when you tally up all the fitness regimes you’ve embarked on, and the number looks more like a bizarre long-distance phone number. For me, it’s the 2100974923867-0923098346-327th time—no exaggeration—well, maybe a little.…

Speak Up for Service Day: The Endless Rewards of Volunteering

From the earliest memories of my childhood, the ethos of community service has been deeply ingrained in me, as one of the oldest among 21 cousins on my mom’s side and, conversely, one of the youngest among more than 20 on my dad’s side, the act…

Diving into Tech

Recently, I found myself in the vibrant city of Miami with my husband, Cliff. Cliff attended a significant work conference, and I was by his side to offer my unwavering support. Plus, I was in the area caring for an injured family member who no…

Teenage Choices; Lilly's Chapter

As the mother of a lively blended family of five, life has always been an adventure. But now, as we embark on the thrilling chapter of college tours with our second-to-last child, Lilly, the excitement and uncertainty reach new heights. Our college…

The healing power of joy

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. And on a spontaneous Thursday night adventure in Provincetown, I was reminded of how true that saying is. My aunt and uncle, their adventurous souls, convinced me to trade my usual evening routine for a night…