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The healing power of joy

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. And on a spontaneous Thursday night adventure in Provincetown, I was reminded of how true that saying is. My aunt and uncle, their adventurous souls, convinced me to trade my usual evening routine for a night…

Celebrating Achievement

Tonight, the glimmering lights at the Sea Crest will illuminate a room filled with elegant decor and the vibrant faces of the most dedicated and spirited individuals from our community. As the sun sets, the evening will be charged with palpable…

Unpredictable Turns of Life

Life is often unpredictable, but we truly felt the weight of those words just two days after our gleeful car purchase. We hadn’t even cleared the broken remnants of our previous vehicles from our driveway when the unexpected struck. Imagine being…

Playing Music and Hanging Out with Kindergartners

In a world dominated by screens, beeps, and endless notifications, nothing can be more refreshing than the pure, unadulterated joy of playing music and spending time with kids. I recently had the opportunity to experience this firsthand, and I’d…

The Summer That Never Was: A Labor Day Reflection

As Labor Day weekend rolls around, many of us are gathering our last memories of a summer filled with sun, sand, and the scent of barbecues. But for me, this summer has been the exception, the summer that never really was. Rainy weather and…

Mixed Feelings on the Last "Back to School"

Back-to-school season evokes many emotions for most parents: excitement, nostalgia, and, sometimes, a hint of apprehension. But for me, this year feels particularly poignant. With Coti entering high school as a freshman and Lilly navigating her…