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Dinner at Stephanie’s Recipes

All joking aside, if you want to know what we made on Sh*% Show Cooking.
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We have a variety of podcasts, and we would love to host yours as well. If you are interested in airing yours in our weekend programming, if you are interested in hosting and want to learn how or want to be a guest on any of our podcasts, please email us to book!


We have launched

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New X1023 adds &Stephanie, Coady, and Lady D to the lineup

Spring has sprung a refreshing sound on the Cape- X1023 Love the 80's 90's and 2000's? We do, too, and are happy to be checking in with you from Cape Cods Music Channel! To kick off the fun, we are giving away $500 to the 20th caller who catches us…

We are off; Epic Roadtrip with my little man

​Pre-Pandemic, this trip was in the works as a solo "find myself, whoa is me, my career is over, now what" trip.  MK, one of my former co-workers, was also "dislocated" from her radio position. She had decided to head west and live with her…

Starting EforAll- this business is getting official!

​I am so excited to be amongst some really great Cape Cod Entrepreneurs for this cohort of EforAll. If you are curious about the program, find out more info here. I had my first assignment to blog about one of our recent meetings.  My…


​Yes, isn't that lovely! This injury is one week after a hot ball jar full of tea was accidentally spilled on my leg. I thought I was good having a Saturday night in. I watched shows, cleaned the house, rode my peloton had a sensible dinner; it…

Lemme has hit the road

Our Lemon has a name, and that name is Lemme! Lemme likes to help and do all kinds of things. He likes adventure and excitement, and he finds himself in all sorts of crazy places. He had a fun day at Hampton Inn Cape Cod Canal. He earned his travel…

Overcoming the Gaslighter; I am working through it.

I just ended a 20-year relationship with a person I thought was a friend. A person I never saw not involved in my life. Through circumstances beyond my control, I forced myself to look at the truth. This person was a toxic gaslighting manipulator.…