School Vacation Connection

Love it or hate it, when school vacation is here, the house gets upturned. Some get to go on vacation, and others have to work while the kids are underfoot (granted, mine are now teens, so they don’t get underfoot until around noon), making it a bit of a challenge to get through any semblance of a routine.

I have embraced the change this week.

I also got to reconnect with an old friend. We have been meaning to make time, but you know how it goes with life, and when I get a rare free moment these days, I enjoy watching my plants grow or watching the back of my eyelids!

Betsy asked if we wanted to get the kids together. Long story short, for a time, she had lived with my family while going through a transition in her life and I always assimilated her children into the fold of our house. Her children were like my children, so I missed my babies. The only thing is they are NOT babies anymore!

We took them bowling, and my two hung with her two, and our husbands guided the game while we chattered away, catching up on what was happening in our worlds. We took them upstairs to the arcade and had snacks, and what seemed like five minutes was three hours that blinked away. Betsy reminded me to post the photo of our two by two kiddos, who have spent most of their lives with each other. It was wild to me how watching them grow in a blink was like our catch-up session; too fast!

Glad I took the time to switch up the routine and glad I took the time to acknowledge the change and growth of our children and our friendship.

When you have a shake-up in your routine, you’ll be surprised what has grown that you have missed.