Moving Mountains

There comes a point when you tally up all the fitness regimes you’ve embarked on, and the number looks more like a bizarre long-distance phone number. For me, it’s the 2100974923867-0923098346-327th time—no exaggeration—well, maybe a little. But here I am, once again, stepping onto the hopeful path toward a healthier me. And this time, the stakes are as high as the Austrian Alps I plan to conquer.

At the tail end of October, I had the fantastic opportunity to DJ live boot camp workouts at Quench Fitness Training for Women. This was not just a fitness fest but a heart-pumping, soul-raising fundraiser for the Ellie Fund, which does phenomenal work supporting women undergoing breast cancer treatment. This experience wasn’t just about the music or the sweat; it was a wake-up call, an energizing force that shook me to my core. The dance party, by the way, was an absolute blast—a flipping riot of beats and heartbeats.

It’s no secret that I’ve been neglecting my health. With the whirlwind of running several businesses, managing a household, and everything in between, my well-being had been inadvertently shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. That’s a mistake too many of us make, especially as women, but I was determined to break the cycle.

Why the sudden surge of motivation, you ask? Well, life has thrown a beautiful reason my way—my daughter is graduating high school in June. As a family, we’re gifting her an experience instead of something material: a Sound of Music tour through Austria. Yes, we will be walking, climbing, and embodying the Von Trapps, which feels like an impossible dream in my current state.

Here’s the kicker—I’m about to cross the halfway mark of another decade. If there’s one thing I’ve realized, this aging gig doesn’t get easier. So, slowly but surely, I started the only way I knew how. A bit of walking here, some stretching there.

The push I needed came from my friend Caroline. When I hesitated to replace my old Peloton screen for $350, she said, “Stephanie, you are worth a dollar a day.” That hit home. Why do I let money create barriers to my health? Why would I deny myself a fully functioning machine for the cost of one fancy dinner out?

Enough was enough. The time for prioritizing my health is now. Not just for fitting into a tour group but to live my best Julie Andrews life, prancing around mountaintops—even if it means my boys will be watching with a mix of horror and amusement. Salzburg, I’m on my way.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Jillian and the entire Quench team. They’ve instilled in me the belief that I can tackle the physical and mental mountains that tell me I can’t. Currently, every inch of my body aches, and every muscle whimpers—a clear sign that I’m alive and kicking (albeit gently).

To all my friends and supporters: feel free to lend a hand if you see me struggling at a gig. Right now, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Here’s to climbing mountains, one beat and one step at a time.