Keeping focus during a distracting time of year

What are your good working habits?

I have always been the slow-wind to get-moving kind of person, and nobody can stop this force once I go.

It’s Newton’s first law; it isn’t a new concept or a wow moment by any means, but I think that we, as busy people, need to get back to the fundamentals.

I read a fantastic older article from “Inc.,” It included a few things to do on Friday to ensure you hit the ground running with the least amount of noise on Monday.

For me, the end of the year ‘creep’ has set in. I start later on Monday because it is Monday, Tuesday is a task day, Wednesday I do the bulk of my work, by Thursday I am exhausted and basking in Wednesday’s work that I usually put off the things I can crush on Friday until Monday.

No More

I am trying new things today!

I made my “to-do” list for Monday, and I will be balancing the week next week in an orderly fashion from now on. Especially given that this weekend is Daylight Savings time, and it will be challenging when that sun goes down early to keep myself motivated.

What are things that help you focus on the job with so many end-of-the-year distractions?