Sure, you CAN work from home

Fits and Starts.
That is the only way I can describe working from home.
Some days I feel unstoppable, and I am finally getting somewhere and then…
The ceiling caves in- yes, a series of home repairs have led to a disaster in Lilly’s room.
Now we have to take her ceiling down and fix all kinds of surprise problems.
I am sure you might have guessed by “we” I mean my handyman, aka hubby.
Thankfully, I have a husband that can usually diagnose and fix most problems.
Unfortunately, that takes him away from the 9,000 other projects and plans we have going on at home.
I’m starting many new ventures. I have been wearing my mom hat, occupying an 11-year-old who needs more activities and less screen time. Feeding everyone on a budget healthfully, maintaining the garden, and giving rides to the working teen. All of this keeps me away from the short waves of serenity in my summertime backyard office.
Who else is marginally more productive at home?
Who has found a space near home, not at the office, that you find you can find a work groove?