Go Kenzie Go

Hold onto your hats, folks, because my daughter, Kenzie, has officially landed in California – and let me tell you, the Golden State doesn’t know what’s hit it! Let’s quickly rewind to April 2023, when Kenzie returned home, a bit like a deflated party balloon. She’d gone through a tough loss, and while I won’t spill all the beans (because of privacy), it was the kind of ordeal that could make a soap opera look like a sitcom.

We’ve all been through the emotional wringer. Well, in our household, it felt like we had front-row tickets to the Tragedy Olympics. Two family losses in a month – talk about an emotional double whammy. There was Kenzie; thinking she had her life’s foundation set in stone, only to find out it was more like quicksand.

But like a true champ, she didn’t stay down for long. I did the whole mom thing – hovering, giving space, and occasionally, awkward pep talks. Big thanks to my friend Bri for dragging her out for workouts – nothing says ‘healing’ like a bit of sweat and tears, right? And then there were the younger siblings, forming what they called ‘cuddle puddles.’ I still don’t know if that’s adorable or a scene from a weird indie movie.

I nudged her towards a job that wouldn’t just be a paycheck and a fun place. Enter Naukabout, the wonderland where she could mix work with her quirky sense of humor. (P.S. She got the humor from me, obviously).

Fast forward to now: Kenzie’s on her way to living it up on the West Coast, working with kids on the autism spectrum. She’s adulting like a pro – she bought a car, got insurance, and is even paying off those pesky student loans. Who knew responsibility could look so cool?

So here’s to Kenzie, who’s not just surviving but thriving. I’m excited to see how she turns this chapter into a bestseller.

Fly high, Kenzie-bean! And remember, California – you’ve been warned!