Women Always Championed

The 10 Habits of Courageous Women

1. They Own Their Fears Instead Of Waiting For Bravery

2. They Stand Up For What They Believe In, Even If It’s Unpopular

3. They Are Strong And Resilient

4. They’re Not Afraid To Take Chances And Try New Things

5. They Persevere Even In The Face Of Adversity

6. They Lead By Example

7. They Have Purpose

8. They’re Compassionate And Kind, Even To Strangers

9. They Practice Calm And Self-Care

10. They Support Other Women In Leadership

It takes a while to let words soak into your skin, so much so that you believe them like you wrote them yourself. This list is from an article by Sonia McDonald a couple of years ago. We have been a company for four years now, and let me tell you, this has been a list that I read, write out, say out loud, and rinse and repeat. My mantra, my manual, my hope of what I teach my daughters, and it reaches them fully. Words that I wish my mom and hers taught and felt. I dare to be the woman I am and lift all the others trying to be themselves every day, not just on this celebration of women across the globe.