Celebrating small wins in 2024

Embracing Incremental Changes

As we proceed into 2024, I find myself pausing to appreciate the small victories that have marked the start of this year. They say it’s the little things that count, and in the hustle of our bustling business, these moments of triumph are no less than milestones.

Redefining Goals and Finding Balance

I’ve set my sights on significant goals this year but with a twist. Gone are the days of chaining myself to a desk in my studio for long hours only to continue working late into the night. I’m learning the art of balance, carving out time for myself amidst the chaos of entrepreneurship.

The path has been challenging. I’ve been diligently working on the less glamorous side of things – the admin, the planning, the behind-the-scenes tasks. It’s been about making my workflow manageable and less chaotic. Yes, things still get crazy – I am still me – but I’m learning to be more patient with myself.

I’ve taken a big step forward by embracing self-learning. I remember watching a complete tutorial video recently without asking Cliff to summarize it for me – a small but significant win. I’m moving into a different headspace in year three of this business, feeling calmer and more certain about what I want versus what I need to do.

My show has taken a back seat recently, but creativity remains a constant in my life. I’m planning a more flexible schedule – three anchored days and two open days for guests – understanding that this schedule will evolve.

The hiatus of the First Shot Morning show has given me a much-needed breather. It’s time to explore new technology, learn new skills, and even buy books with the intention of reading them. I’m scheduling time for things I want to do without the rush.

This year is also about stepping up our game. We’re planning more significant events with more detailed planning, greater visibility, and more considerable risks. But that’s the beauty of growth, isn’t it?

So here’s to 2024 – a year of small changes leading to a better version of myself. I’m still working on my carb addiction and love for espresso martinis, but hey, we’ve got to keep some things on the to-do list, right? Here’s to not scaring everyone with my greatness!

To all our supporters, friends, and fellow dreamers, cheers to gearing up for a year filled with learning, balance, and creativity. Let’s make every small win count! Streamlining WorkflowsPersonal Growth and Self-Learning Creative Pursuits and Flexibility Embracing Downtime and New Skills Bigger Events, Bigger Risks A Toast to the new year.

Cheers to Gearing Up!