Baby Steps to regaining my fitness

I think it goes without saying that this year has been one of our most challenging yet. Not just my personal struggles have been difficult but so have so many people I know. Whether it is the loss of a significant cornerstone in your life like a job, home, or family member, or it is making you face day to day struggles like food insecurity and mental health hurdles. YOU are not alone, and there is help for just about anything if you want it and need it.

Now let’s get to my “tackle” topic: I am making my priority for the first time in years; my fitness. Without getting into what a shit few years it has been and all the obstacles that have brought me down another rung on the ladder of life- I am slow to realize I need to focus on fitness!

I have always been a very active person, and the waves of “life drama” have had me in a vortex that keeps slamming me back to the beach and not letting me swim out to sea to see what I can still do.

I have taken the beginning of this year to work on my mental health and accept the things that I cannot change, and I have chosen to focus on the things that bring me to be a better me. I have been fostering better relationships with more meaning. I have begun countless projects that have me motivated more than I have ever had. I saw a great meme on LinkedIn, and it has been stuck in my head all week:

Looking back
Looking back

That really resonated with me. I have to embrace this body. The body that got me through Bootcamp, the body that birthed four babies and nursed 3 of them, the body that beat cancer- several times, the body that has run over 100 road races. In its current form, the body that looks like it is ready for a pie-eating contest at a state fair and bingo, I need to embrace her.

It has begun and with typical “Stephanie” flair, with fun.

It is a project I started with my friend Heather years ago, and we let it go because of, well, LIFE.

I am taking baby steps into this new portion of my life with “MyWineFit,” and I am moving my body a little more every day, and I am eating a bit better every day, and I am not giving up anything to get there.

We are documenting this in a podcast- find us on Spotify

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