Hey; Nice to meet you

Welcome to my new virtual space!
I am Stephanie, a mom to a blended family on Cape Cod.
I have been a broadcast professional for almost 25 years, and now I am forging my way into the unknown media culture of 2020.
I was laid-off from a successful morning show in January of 2020. I traveled for a month until a Pandemic hit us, and now I am connecting with friends, family, and listeners like I have never done- entirely virtually.
We are all in this together, but separately- like a version of the book “Destination Earth” only confined to our own living spaces. I have been finding lost things, fixing up my surroundings, making things, cooking, spending real time with the kids, and discovering a new way to connect with myself. I am on an eye-opening path, and I am happy to share it with you.
Big thanks to my hubby, who is my rock and rockstar and the biggest supporter of everything I do and the things I dream of doing.