The Women are on the Move: Virginia

Whether you drive, fly, or take the train, you don’t want to miss the many adventures in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Lisa and Stephanie visit the Tides Inn and Stratford Hall on the Chesapeake Bay. Oysters, biking, duck poop, zip-lining, ghosts, snakes, boating, and so much more. A little bit of history, ecology lessons, and wine tastings are just some of the great suggestions for a family vacation or a Better in Pairs weekend. Thank you to our hosts from the Tides Inn and Stratford Hall, as we are excited to re-launch our post-Covid travel podcast with an incredible adventure. Enjoy also the “Oyster Chronicles” learn about nature’s most astonishing filter and the proper way to eat one and return the shell to the “wuter.”

Women Travel Better in Pairs - 48 Hour Episode

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