The Summer That Never Was: A Labor Day Reflection

As Labor Day weekend rolls around, many of us are gathering our last memories of a summer filled with sun, sand, and the scent of barbecues. But for me, this summer has been the exception, the summer that never really was.

Rainy weather and relentless work commitments played a significant role in casting a shadow over my summer days. While most were sunbathing or hosting barbecues, I found myself glued to my desk or catching up on work at a local coffee shop. I didn’t even get the chance to break out my summer wardrobe; instead, my boots got more wear time.

It’s odd. We often don’t realize we’re in the middle of something until we’re on the cusp of leaving it behind. The realization struck me in the most unexpected of ways. There I was, buried in spreadsheets and emails, when in walked the epitome of summer: a tourist in a bathing suit floppy hat, searching for ice water and a restroom. At that moment, it dawned on me that I’d missed the entire season. I never truly embraced summer, and now, it was bidding farewell.

As September begins, summer enthusiasts are having their last hurrahs, but for me, the feeling is slightly different. I’m gearing up for a jam-packed Labor Day weekend – three end-of-summer parties and a wedding. Ironically, I’m saying goodbye to a season I never really felt.

But if there’s one silver lining in this cloud of missed opportunities, it’s my undying love for lobster rolls. No matter the season, no matter how many sun-soaked days I’ve missed, I know it’s always lobster roll season for me.

So, here’s to the summer that never was and the lobster rolls that always are. Until next year, summer. I promise to embrace you with open arms and perhaps more sunscreen.