“Mom- Your TikToks are weird.”

“Mom- Your TikToks are weird.”

I need to learn how to do it.

I refuse to be one of those people that gets to a certain age and makes the statement that I am too old to learn. I recently talked to my husband about a mutual client we both have for our businesses. The client told my husband, “I have no interest in learning how to work that!”

The bar to entry on this particular task for the client was using an alternative remote.

Yes, they were not interested in how to use a different remote!!!

I see the parallel in that conversation to my struggle with learning emerging technology. I pushed away from TikTok because I thought I had no place jumping into the platform at my age. I dabbled with it and left. I created a new account and lost my ability to log in. I feel the same as an 80 year-old-client that won’t use a different remote. The difference is that I am back and trying, and my TikTok’s are weird to a 13 year-old-boy, but he isn’t my audience anyway.

I will not be doing dances and viral trends, but I will be hosting my aftershow shit show. Mostly it’s me bitching about my family and real-life drama that unfolds while trying to maintain a life and a business while operating a boarding house for my long trail of friends that need places to stay.

Someday, I would love to be like 73-year-old Babs, who taught everyone how to carve a pumpkin easily.

She is my idol!

For now, I will keep giving you what I got-send me some tips and laughs.

The above is the link to my weird TikToks.