Celebrating Achievement

Tonight, the glimmering lights at the Sea Crest will illuminate a room filled with elegant decor and the vibrant faces of the most dedicated and spirited individuals from our community. As the sun sets, the evening will be charged with palpable excitement and a dash of nervous energy—the night of the community choice awards.

I feel anxious with emotions. The honor of being nominated itself is overwhelming. And yes, while the anticipation of possibly winning makes my heart race a tad faster, I’m consumed by a different sentiment altogether. Tonight is about more than just an award; it’s a celebration of the spirit, the hard work, and the relentless efforts we pour into our businesses daily.

Everyone in that room tonight, including myself, has had their fair share of long nights, challenging moments, and times of self-doubt. But what binds us all together is our resilience and our commitment to our community. So, while I hope to win and feel that electric jolt of validation for my efforts over the past year, I’m already victorious in many ways. Being nominated, being in the room, and sharing this space with some of Cape Cod’s finest are all successful markers.

There’s a peculiar duality to evenings like these. On one hand, we’re there to celebrate and cherish the moments of success and acknowledgment. On the other hand, there’s the underlying current of nervous energy, the silent question hanging in the air: “Will I be called to the stage?” And let’s not even dive into the layer of anxiety that ensues thinking about that walk to the stage and the lights!

Here’s the thing- Win or lose, every nominee tonight is a testament to excellence.

Whether stepping up on that stage tonight or clapping for a fellow nominee, remember that your story and determination are worth celebrating. I’m deeply honored to share this room with you all.

Let’s continue to sparkle, inspire, and make Cape Cod proud. Cheers to all of us! 🥂